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Recalling Your Power
Peace and Prosperity Are Already Part of You

The Program to help you remember, reclaim and easily access
your personal power to priestess your own life towards peace and prosperity

The Goddess Temple's personal development program, Remembering Your Power, holds that each woman is priestess of her own life, and already knows in her deepest self what she needs to make her life satisfying and happy. Each woman has the ability to be productive, peaceful, and powerful and sometimes she needs help in remembering, reclaiming and accessing this ancient wisdom that lives silently within, patiently awaiting her notice.

Rev. Ava, creatrix of the program, helps you to remember and reclaim your personal power for better relationships, greater prosperity, improved health, and satisfying work effectively, rapidly and with a money-back guarantee.

Who Has the Time!
Many forms of counseling, therapy or personal development take months, or even years of talking ... digging into your past... struggling to bring forth long held issues who has the time! You need a way to cut through the tangled web of your emotions and ego, your attachment to your hurts, betrayals, and disappointments, and free yourself to move into power. You need an easy, fast, and absolutely certain method by which to attract into your life what you want and need, a way to feel completely secure in yourself, releasing both regret over the past and worry about the future.

Your Mind Should Be Your Servant
Your mind should be your servant, but all too often it runs you … in a seemingly endless loop of fear, anger, grief and confusion. Break this cycle, take back control of your personal woman’s power … and priestess your own life!

What It Takes in Time and Money
The program is completed in three sessions (only five hours total meeting time), plus 10 minutes a day personal time at home for three months.

First Session: Three hours. $300
In the first meeting, you share with Ava your concerns, worries, fears, goals, intentions and desires. She asks questions. You tell your story. After you depart, Ava works during the next two weeks to create your personalized Remembering Your Power package.

Second Session: One hour. $200
One week later, you meet again for one hour, where you are given the package which has been tailor-made for you containing an audio tape and image book. All is explained clearly.

At home: For the next three months, you listen once a day for ten minutes to the audio tape while looking at the images. Power begins to unfold within you..  

Last session: One hour. $100
In the last session, you return, we talk, and we refine your tape and image book, if necessary.  

That's it! Your power continues to develop within you as you use the Program.  

Additional meetings ($75/hour) can further reevaluate and refine your personalized program as your goals are achieved, your intentions are realized, and your life evolves.

Have you ever heard of a body/mind/spirit improvement program that offers to return your fees if you feel you have not benefited?If, after one year, you can return to meet with Rev. Ava personally, look her in the eye, and honestly tell her that you followed the program as outlined, but did not feel that you significantly benefited, 100% of your fees will be happily and fully refunded on the spot.

Note: This is not a therapy or counseling program. Rev. Ava makes no claims to being a trained or licensed therapist or counselor. This is a self-improvement program offered with a money back guarantee. If a trained therapist or counselor is called for, Rev. Ava will refer to same.

Call Rev. Ava today ...949-651-0564

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